It is essential to protect citizens from the potential harms of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and realise their safety and accountability. That is why, in April 2021, the European Commission presented a regulatory proposal for AI in the European Union (EU). Today, more than ever, individual health and public health systems are of paramount importance to EU Member States, so it is crucial to understand what impact the EU Artificial Intelligence Act (AIA) regulatory proposal would have on both the health sector and AI innovation itself. In a new report, Health Action International explained that the current design of the EU AIA regulatory proposal falls short on addressing risks and harms from health-related AI.

Therefore, as part of our work to help shape the AI proposal in ways that protect patients and others within our health-systems, we produced a list of specific concerns and recommendations on how risks and harms of health-related AI may be mitigated. We have set these out in an easy-to-use handout for policy- and lawmakers looking to make the EU AIA as comprehensive as possible in the interests of EU citizens. The hand-out is free to download here.

The recommendations are also explained with detail and analysis in the full report “Interpreting the EU Artificial Intelligence Act for the Health Sector”, launched on 15 February 2022.