At Health Action International, we are dedicated to advancing policies that enable all people to realise the human right to the highest attainable level of health. To make this a reality, our team and global network carry out research to inform evidence-based advocacy for equitable access to affordable medicines and healthcare.


Inequality, overstretched health systems, climate change, the impact of conflict, the growth of new technologies and the irrational use of medicines are just some of the factors that threaten global health and well-being, with vulnerable and marginalised communities at particular risk of harm. Health Action International focuses on creating long-lasting change to government and industry policies and practices, rather than on temporary solutions. We pursue advocacy from the patient level right up to the highest levels of government, including through our ‘Official Relations’ status with the World Health Organization.


As a result of our work, more people can access the medicines and services they need because they are affordable and available, and health commodities on the market are safe, effective and address true health needs.

Core Values

Our core values support our vision, inspire our talented employees to make immense contributions to our mission, and shape our culture. We adhere to these values so our partners wish to collaborate with us, our funders are confident in our ability to execute our work, and Health Action International is a rewarding place to work.

Social Justice
We believe that all people, regardless of their socioeconomic status or geographic location, gender, sexual orientation, or ability, deserve equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities.
We conduct our work in an honest, transparent and ethical manner.
To safeguard our objectivity and integrity, we are resolutely independent of the pharmaceutical industry and protect ourselves from all other conflicts of interest.
Our advocacy is always based on objective and current research.
We share information with and offer our research and advocacy expertise to other members of civil society so they, too, can improve access to medicines and rational medicine use.
We know that policy change takes time and never give up until the job is done.
We appreciate and respect diversity in all forms.
We value and invest in our staff and network so they can achieve the high goals and objectives that we set.