We welcome new members into our network. To ensure that we remain independent, members must not have financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry. Each member must make a declaration of interests that tells us, and other members, that they are free of potential conflicts of interest.

Membership is available under the following categories:

Regional Association Members

  • Individuals and/or organisations that are geographically based in one of the regions served by Health Action International’s four Regional Associations (Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America/Caribbean and Africa).
  • Members belong and contribute to one of the four Regional Associations.

International Members

  • Individuals and/or organisations that are generally interested in health and medicines policy issues at a global, rather than a regional or country-specific, level.

Programme Partners

  • Donors that fund our work.
  • Other organisations that champion our work.

To request a membership application form, please email our secretary, Raquel Wind, at raquel@haiweb.org.

Find out more about our current members here