Despite the fact that improved access to medicines and vaccines could save 10 million lives every year, the prices, availability and affordability of medicines remains a major obstacle. Overstretched healthcare budgets in most countries are unable to provide needed medicines to all citizens, forcing patients to pay for medicines themselves. As a result, many people endure financial hardship—or even go without treatment. And patients, along with their families, friends and communities, suffer needlessly.

Health Action International provides tools, training and technical support to those undertaking surveys on the price, availability and affordability of medicines. We also provide tools for policy analysis and intervention and support the development of pricing policies that improve access to affordable medicines.

Medicine Pricing Surveys
Access survey reports, summaries and other materials from medicine pricing surveys that have been carried out around the world.

Pricing Methodology
Download our free methodology to survey medicine prices, availability, affordability and price components in your country.

Pricing Database
We publish the results of medicine price, availability and affordability surveys from countries around the world that use our methodology.

Links to National and Multi-Country Price Databases

Local Production Methodology
We’ve developed a new methodology to measure the price and availability of locally produced and imported medicines.

Guidelines for Low- and Middle-income Countries
How can policy improve medicine prices, availability and affordability? We offer some guidance.

Equitable Access in the European Union
The price of new medicines is rising every year in the European Union and becoming unaffordable for individuals and national health systems alike. We’re working to change this.