AI is increasingly used across many different applications, including in the healthcare sector. Although these new technologies may streamline processes and have positive impacts, there are serious concerns that underlying biases in data used in machine learning are reinforced or even amplified. When it comes to access to medicines, this could have far-reaching consequences for our world’s already marginalized communities.  


Health Action International is working to strengthen the existing medicines policy expertise by recognising, understanding, and reflecting on the impact of AI in healthcare in our research, advocacy, and communications activities. 

  • We continuously conduct research on the application for AI in clinical trials design, conduct and interpretation, and its impact on Health Technology Assessment processes. 
  • We raise awareness of the lack of regulation of health AI and call on the EU to protect fundamental rights in the digitalization of health systems.  
  • We advocate for the protection of patients’ rights at the EU and national levels.  
  • We coordinated and led a thematic network within the EU and delivered a joint statement at DG Santé in collaboration with Brunel University. 
  • We have developed a new website on AI & Health which includes informative resources and our voting advice for MEPs.   

Discover more of our work on AI & Health here