We are pleased to announce that Health Action International (HAI) are among 16 civil society organisations who have received targeted core funding from the European Artificial Intelligence (AI) fund.

The fund aims to “strengthen the advocacy and policy capacity of those who already work on AI/ADM” in addition to bringing in new voices that are able to advocate for communities that may be disproportionately affected by developments in AI and Automated Decision Making (ADM).

The announcement from the European AI fund on the 1st April, 2021 outlined the work that HAI will do in the AI and ADM space:

HAI’s goal is to strengthen the existing medicines policy expertise by recognising, understanding, and reflecting the impact of AI/ADM in our research, advocacy, and communications activities. To realise this, HAI will follow training on the impact of AI in healthcare, map and engage with relevant experts and organisations in the field, and conduct research to understand AI/ADM’s application in clinical trials design, conduct and interpretation, and its impact on Health Technology Assessment processes. The organisation’s work here will be enhanced by developing a targeted AI and health communications strategy, all coordinated by an AI focal point in our organisation. HAI will utilise our existing memberships and channels, including at the European Parliament and European Medicines Agency, to disseminate our research findings, coordinate advocacy and drive a movement. The goal is to be a reliable voice that can inform and shape the public debate around AI and represent public interests by seeking input from a range of stakeholders.

We are excited to begin research into this important area and to share the results of our findings so that we can continue to improve access to medicines for everyone, everywhere.

Learn more about the fund and other recipients.