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SRH Commodities: Data Collection Report – Kenya 2017

Statement on European Commission Proposal on Health Technology Assessments

Statement to WHO Executive Board 142: Global Strategy and Plan of Action on Public Health, Innovation and Intellectual Property

Statement to WHO Executive Board 142: Addressing the Global Shortage of, and Access to, Medicines and Vaccines

Statement to WHO Executive Board 142: Addressing the Burden of Snakebite Envenoming


Pharmaceutical Marketing: Report on Education on Pharmaceutical Promotion in Medical Training

Health Action International and European Public Health Alliance Reaction to Leaked Documents from EU-Mercosur Trade Talks

Joint Letter in Reaction to Council Conclusions on FP9

Joint Letter on the Final Phases of EU-Mercosur Trade Talks

Health Action International Launches Programme to Improve Snakebite Situation in Kenya

HAI Snakebite Programme – Kenya

Recommendations on a New Model for the Provision of Scientific Advice

SRH Commodities: Measuring Prices, Availability & Affordability (Methodology & Data Entry Manual)

Pharmaceutical Promotion in Medical and Pharmacy Education in The Netherlands: Readiness for Curriculum Change

HAI & Global Snakebite Initiative Applaud WHO’s Adoption of Snakebite Envenoming as Top-level Neglected Tropical Disease

Proposed Changes to EMA’s Access to Documents Policy Fall Short on Proactive Disclosure

Joint Letter to World Health Assembly Delegates | We must delink research and development costs from cancer medicine prices

2016 Annual Report & Financial Statements

Report | The Sun Shines on Europe: transparency of financial relationships in the healthcare sector

ACCISS Study Report | Access to Insulin: Current Challenges and Constraints

Position Statement: TACD Positive Consumer Agenda – New Rules for the Global Economy

Media Release: Health Action International start een publiekscampagne tegen stijgende medicijnprijzen

Media Release: Soaring Medicine Prices the Target Of New Public Campaign Ahead Of 15 March Election

Media Statement: European Parliament Hits Target in Recommendations for Improving Access to Medicines

Media Release: European Public Health Advocates Demand Greater Public Returns From European Commission’s Research and Development Programme, Horizon 2020

Joint Submission to European Commission Public Consultation on Horizon 2020


Medicines Policy in Moldova

Fact or Fiction? What Healthcare Professionals Need to Know about Pharmaceutical Marketing

Prices and Availability of Locally Produced and Imported Medicines in Ethiopia

Prices and Availability of Locally Produced and Imported Medicines in Tanzania