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Preventing and Treating Snakebite Envenoming

Sunshine Policies and Murky Shadows in Europe

Response to Public Consultation on EU Funds in the Area of Investment, Research & Innovation, SMEs and Single Market

SRH Commodities: Three-country comparison – Kenya, Uganda & Zambia

SRH Commodities: Data Collection Report – Zambia 2017

SRH Commodities: Data Collection Report – Uganda 2017

SRH Commodities: Data Collection Report – Kenya 2017

Statement on European Commission Proposal on Health Technology Assessments

Statement to WHO Executive Board 142: Global Strategy and Plan of Action on Public Health, Innovation and Intellectual Property

Statement to WHO Executive Board 142: Addressing the Global Shortage of, and Access to, Medicines and Vaccines

Statement to WHO Executive Board 142: Addressing the Burden of Snakebite Envenoming


Pharmaceutical Marketing: Report on Education on Pharmaceutical Promotion in Medical Training

Health Action International and European Public Health Alliance Reaction to Leaked Documents from EU-Mercosur Trade Talks

Joint Letter in Reaction to Council Conclusions on FP9

Joint Letter on the Final Phases of EU-Mercosur Trade Talks

Health Action International Launches Programme to Improve Snakebite Situation in Kenya

HAI Snakebite Programme – Kenya

Recommendations on a New Model for the Provision of Scientific Advice

SRH Commodities: Measuring Prices, Availability & Affordability (Methodology & Data Entry Manual)

Pharmaceutical Promotion in Medical and Pharmacy Education in The Netherlands: Readiness for Curriculum Change

HAI & Global Snakebite Initiative Applaud WHO’s Adoption of Snakebite Envenoming as Top-level Neglected Tropical Disease

Proposed Changes to EMA’s Access to Documents Policy Fall Short on Proactive Disclosure

Joint Letter to World Health Assembly Delegates | We must delink research and development costs from cancer medicine prices

2016 Annual Report & Financial Statements

Report | The Sun Shines on Europe: transparency of financial relationships in the healthcare sector

ACCISS Study Report | Access to Insulin: Current Challenges and Constraints

Position Statement: TACD Positive Consumer Agenda – New Rules for the Global Economy

Media Release: Health Action International start een publiekscampagne tegen stijgende medicijnprijzen

Media Release: Soaring Medicine Prices the Target Of New Public Campaign Ahead Of 15 March Election

Media Statement: European Parliament Hits Target in Recommendations for Improving Access to Medicines