Fact Sheet | 19 November, 2018 | Download PDF

Snakebite is a significant, but long-neglected problem that affects the lives of more than half a million people annually. In Uganda, specifically, no data are available on the burden of snakebite. As part of its Snakebite Programme, Health Action International (HAI) is developing an evidence base on snakebite in Kenya, Uganda and Zambia. This research is the first of its kind in Uganda, serving to improve the situation for neglected snakebite victims. The results will enable national and regional policy-makers, including the Ugandan Ministry of Health, to develop and implement strong policies and programmes that improve snakebite reporting, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

HAI is surveying all levels of the healthcare system to assess: Snakebite incidence rates; snakebite treatment methods (including antivenom), and the availability…

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