Like everyone, the Health Action International (HAI) team has been operating a little differently in the passed few months as a result of COVID-19.

We wanted to continue to share the work we’ve been doing during this time, and how each of the areas we work in have been impacted either directly or indirectly by COVID-19.

Our Facebook Live series focuses on each of our projects, as well as an overall look at HAI’s mission to advocate for a world with safe, effective, affordable and quality-assured medicines for everyone, everywhere in the time of COVID-19.

EU Projects

Over the past few months, the European Union (EU) Projects team have been working with partners across the EU to ensure access to a possible vaccine for COVID-19 will be made accessible to all, while continuing to advocate for access to medicines more generally. The team spoke on Facebook Live about COVID-19 and access to treatment, activities on a national, EU and global stage, and reframing R&D on a health needs agenda.

Research Team

Like many organisations, HAI have had to shift their focus during the COVID-19 pandemic. The research team hosted a Facebook Live to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on HAI’s research, as well as in the countries where we work, what this shift will mean for HAI’s research in the future, shifting priorities in international development, and our research ambitions for the future.


Even in normal circumstances, access to insulin is poor in many countries. The COVID-19 crisis makes the situation far worse, with national health systems overwhelmed and people forced to deal with the consequences of home confinement. Co-Lead of the ACCISS study, Dr Marg Ewen, discussed the current situation internationally to illustrate the reality for people who need insulin.


With a spotlight on Africa, Snakebite Project Manager Ben Waldmann discussed snakebite in the current and future COVID-19 context. This focused on the importance of community prevention and effective community engagement for dealing with  snakebites, neglected tropical diseases during existing and future pandemics.


Executive Director, Dr Tim Reed, discussed HAI in the time of COVID-19, including the impact on us in practical terms and the impact on our work programmes, in particular as a result of social distancing measures for our partners in the South. Additionally, Tim discussed COVID-19 and governments’ response as a social determinant of health, support for WHO and how HAI is adjusting to the reality of COVID-19 in framing programmes.