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Breaking Down Barriers to Accessing Internationally Controlled Essential Medicines Key to Ending Pain and Suffering of Millions

Snakebite Incidents, Response, & Antivenom Supply (Uganda)

Snakebite Incidents, Response, & Antivenom Supply (Kilifi County, Kenya)

HAI Snakebite Project in Sub-Saharan Africa

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Governments who Support Transparency Must Raise Their Voices at the World Health Assembly

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Dutch Government Not Living up to Promises to Make New Medicines Affordable

Snakebite Incidents, Response & Antivenom Supply (Uganda)

Civil Society Position on European Commission Proposal for the Introduction of an SPC Manufacturing Waiver

Regulating Off-label Use of Medicines in Europe

Global Coalition of Health Organisations Announces First-ever International Snakebite Awareness Day

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Prices and Availability of Locally Produced and Imported Medicines in Kenya

Snakebite Incidents, Response & Antivenom Supply in Kilifi County, Kenya

HAI Snakebite Programme – Sub-Saharan Africa

HAI Snakebite Programme – Kenya

HAI Snakebite Programme – Zambia

Guide to HAI’s 2018 European Union Projects

2017 Annual Report: Tackling Health Inequalities through Treatment Access

Ensuring EU Funded Medical R&I Delivers for EU Citizens and Beyond

Health Action International Hails Adoption of Milestone Resolution on Snakebite Envenoming at 71st World Health Assembly

Statement to WHA71 on Addressing the Global Shortage of, and Access to, Medicines and Vaccines

Statement to the Seventy-first World Health Assembly on GPW13

Policy Brief: The Way Forward for Access to Medicines