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HAI during COVID-19

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Expert Panel Discusses Concern on Use of Publicly Funded Knowledge in Medicines Development

EU Lawmakers Raise Alarm at Lack of Commitment to Enforcing Clinical Trial Data Transparency

Les législateurs de l’UE sonnent l’alarme sur le manque d’engagement à faire respecter la transparence des données des essais cliniques

Half of Cancer Drug Approvals Rely on Results of Potentially Biased Clinical Trials

Health Action International Comments on WHO Decision on Long-acting Analogue Insulin

Breaking Down Barriers to Accessing Internationally Controlled Essential Medicines Key to Ending Pain and Suffering of Millions

Snakebite Incidents, Response, & Antivenom Supply (Uganda)

Snakebite Incidents, Response, & Antivenom Supply (Kilifi County, Kenya)

HAI Snakebite Project in Sub-Saharan Africa

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