Fact Sheet | May 2019 | Download PDF

• Conservative global estimates show that snakebite envenoming kills 81,000–138,000 people every year and permanently disables 400,000 more.
• In Africa, there are an estimated 435,000-580,000 snakebites annually needing treatment, resulting in about 32,000 deaths and 6,000 amputations for sub-Saharan Africa, alone.
• The economic burden of snakebite is largely under-researched and unknown. However, it is estimated that, for Western Africa, up to
USD 6,205 per death could be averted with effective antivenom treatment. The costs of permanent disabilities resulting from snakebite are even higher.
• The World Health Organization and Member States have started prioritising snakebite envenoming by committing to important policy milestones in recent years.

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