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Following the announcement of the first World Health Organization (WHO) COVID-19 Technology Access Pool (CTAP) licence agreement, Health Action International (HAI) Senior Policy Adviser, Jaume Vidal, made the following statement:

The decision by the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) and Spain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to licence a serological test to the World Health Organisations (WHO) Covid-19 Technologies Access Pool (C-TAP) is a milestone for global health and a major step toward achieving more equitable access to health technologies.

The first product ever to be licensed to C-TAP is an example of public return on public investment in action. It is also evidence of the political will necessary to address protracted issues currently affecting the global response to the pandemic, such as limited manufacturing capabilities or obstacles to technology transfer.

The Spanish government is leading by example. Not only are they pushing for non-exclusive licensing through the Medicines Patent Pool (MPP) of a critical health technology and committing funding to C-TAP, but have also come out in support for the TRIPS waiver proposal currently under discussion at World Trade Organisation (WTO). The contrast with other European governments and regional organisations, who remain solidly behind the status quo, is striking.

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