To improve transparency in medicine pricing, Health Action International provides survey reports, summaries and other materials from medicine pricing surveys that have been carried out around the world.

The following surveys have been conducted in full accordance with our methodology, Measuring Medicine Prices, Availability, Affordability and Price Components. These results are included in our price database. If you’d like to contact the manager of any of these surveys, please email us. We’ll put you in touch.


Armenia (October 2001) | Notes (EN)


Bolivia (October 2008) | Report (ES)

Brazil (May 2007) | Journal Article (ES)

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro State (October 2001) | Notes (EN)

Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul State (November 2008) | Report (EN)

Burkina Faso (July 2009) | Summary (EN) | Report (FR)


Cameroon (May 2002) | Notes (EN)

Chad (May 2004) | Notes (EN) | Summary (FR) | Report (FR)  | Pharmaceutical Sector Profile (EN)

China, Shaanxi Province (March 2012) | Report (EN)

China, Shaanxi Province (September 2010) | Report (EN)

China, Shandong Province (November 2004) | Summary (EN) | Report (EN) | Presentation (EN) | Medicine Knowledge Survey (EN)

China, Shanghai (September 2006) | Summary (EN) | Report (EN)

Colombia (October 2008) | Report (ES)

Congo (June 2007) | Report (FR)


Democratic Republic of Congo (July 2007) | Report (FR)


Ecuador (October 2008) | Report (ES)

Egypt (September 2013) | Report (EN)

El Salvador (November 2006) | Report (ES) | Addendum (EN)

Ethiopia (September 2004) | Report (EN)


Fiji (September 2004) | Notes (EN) | Report (EN)


Ghana (October 2004) | Summary (EN) | Report (EN)

Ghana (May 2002) | Notes (EN)


Haiti (August 2011) | Report (EN)


India, Chennai (October 2004) | Report unavailable

India, Haryana (October 2004) | Report unavailable

India, Karnataka (November 2004) | Report unavailable

India, Maharashtra – 12 districts (October 2004) | Report unavailable

India, Maharashtra – 4 regions (January 2005) | Report (EN)

India, NCT Delhi, Jul 2011 | Report (EN)

India, Rajasthan, Apr 2003 | Notes (EN) | Report (EN)

India, West Bengal, Dec 2004 | Report (EN)

Indonesia (August 2004) | Summary (EN) | Report (EN) | Presentation (EN)

Iran (June 2015 | Report (EN)

Iran (December 2007) | Summary (EN)


Jordan (August 2009) | Report unavailable

Jordan (2004) | Summary (EN) | Report (EN) | Call to Abolish Sales Tax (EN) | Summary of Pricing Policies Workshop (EN)


Kazakhstan (June 2004) | Report (EN)

(November 2001): Summary (EN) | Report (EN) | Addendum (EN)
(July 2004): National Pharmaceutical Sector Form (EN) |
(April 2006): Monitoring Report (EN)
(October 2006): Monitoring Report (EN)
(January 2007): Monitoring Report (EN)

Kenya (November 2001) | Notes (EN)

Kuwait (June 2004) | Summary (EN) | Report (EN) | Presentation (EN) | Addendum (EN)

(February 2005): Summary (EN) (RU) | Report (EN) | Presentation (EN) (RU)
(November 2015): Report (EN)


Lebanon (July 2013) | Summary (EN)

Lebanon (February 2004) | Notes (EN) | Report (EN) | Presentation (EN) | Pricing Policy Reforms (EN)


Malaysia (October 2004) | Report (EN) | Presentation (EN) | Monitoring Report (EN)

Mali (March 2004) | Summary (FR) | Report (FR) | Pharmaceutical Sector Profile (EN) (FR)

Mauritius (August 2008) | Report (EN) | Addendum (EN)

Mexico, Mexico City (December 2009) | Report (ES)

Moldova (November 2011) | Summary (EN)

Mongolia (October 2012) | Summary (EN) | Report (EN)

Mongolia (November 2004) | Report (EN) | National Pharmaceutical Sector Profile (EN)

Morocco (April 2004) | Summary (EN) | Report (FR)


Nicaragua (October 2008) | Report (ES)

Nigeria (September 2004) | Report (EN) | Media Coverage (EN)


Oman (October 2007) | Summary (EN) | Report (EN)


Pakistan (July 2004) | Summary (EN) | Report (EN)

Peru (September 2005) | Report (EN)

Peru (May 2002) | Notes (EN)

Philippines (February 2005) | Summary (EN) | Report (EN)

Philippines (June 2002) | Notes (EN)

Philippines – Price Components (July 2008) | Summary (EN) | Report (EN)

Philippines – Public Sector Procurement (July 2008) | Summary (EN) | Report (EN)


Rwanda (July 2009) | Report unavailable


Sao Tome and Principe (June 2008) | Report (EN)

Senegal (January 2005) | Report (FR) | Addendum (EN)

South Africa, Gauteng Province (November 2004) | Report (EN) | Addendum (EN)

South Africa, KwaZulu Natal State (September 2001) | Notes (EN)

Sri Lanka (October 2001) | Notes (EN)

Sudan (February 2013) | Report (EN)

Sudan (March 2012) | Report (EN) | Journal Article (EN)

Sudan (June 2005) | Report unavailable

Syria (December 2003) | Summary (EN) | Report (EN) | Presentation (EN)


Tajikistan (February 2005) | Report (EN)

Tanzania (September 2004) | Summary (EN) | Report (EN) | Monitoring Report 2006 (EN) | Monitoring Report 2007 (EN) | Monitoring Report 2008 (EN)  | Monitoring Report 2009 (EN) | Monitoring Report 2012 (EN) | Monitoring Report 2014 (EN)

Thailand (October 2006) | Summary (EN) | Report (EN) | Journal Article (EN)

Tunisia (March 2004) | Summary (EN) (FR) | Report (EN) (FR)


Uganda (April 2004) | Summary (EN) | Report (EN) | Monitoring Report: October-December 2006 (EN) | Monitoring Report: April-June 2007 (EN) | Monitoring Report: October-December 2007 (EN) | Monitoring Report: July-September 2008 (EN) | Monitoring Report: October -December 2008 (EN) | Monitoring Report: July-September 2009 (EN) | Monitoring Report: April-June 2010 (EN)

Ukraine – Essential Medicines (September 2007) | Summary (EN)
Ukraine (March 2012) Summary (EN ) 2012

Ukraine – Palliative Care Medicines (September 2007) | Summary (EN)

United Arab Emirates (December 2006) | Summary (EN) | Policy Reforms (EN)

United States of America (Boston, Massachusetts – September 2017) | Survey Report (EN)
United States of America (Boston, Massachusetts – September 2016) | Survey Report (EN)
United States of America (Boston, Massachusetts – December 2015) | Journal Article (EN) | Survey Report (EN)


Viet Nam (November 2005) | Journal Article (EN)


Yemen (July 2006) | Summary (EN) | Report (EN)

The following surveys have not been conducted in full accordance with our methodology, Measuring Medicine Prices, Availability, Affordability and Price Components. These results have not been included in our price database, but are available here because they may be of interest. The results are provided with no assurance of validity.


The Prices People Have to Pay for Medicines in Egypt (2004)
Report (EN)


Measuring Drug Prices in Almaty, Kazakhstan (2002)
Report (EN)


Reproductive Health Commodity Pricing Survey (2005)
During April and May 2005, a field survey was undertaken to measure the prices, availability, affordability and component prices of reproductive health commodities (OCP and other medicines, condoms, IUDs, etc.) in Nepal.
Report (EN)

Netherlands Antilles 
ARV Prices in the Netherlands Antilles: Challenges to Get Access to Affordable Treatment (2009)
During 2008, Melissa Diaz from Dokters van de Wereld, The Netherlands carried out a study to investigate the price of ARV drugs in the Netherlands Antilles and found that high prices for ARV drugs constituted a financial burden for the health care system, and presented a barrier to people in need of accessing antiretroviral treatment. The study aimed to elucidate prices, price composition and affordability of ARV drugs; and describe the factors contributing to high ARV prices, and strategies that may result in effective price reductions.
Report (EN)

Prices of Reproductive Health Medicines in Nicaragua (2006)
In 2005 PATH conducted a study of reproductive health commodity prices, availability, affordability and price components in Nicaragua using the WHO/HAI methodology.
Report (EN)


A Survey of Medicine Prices and Availability in the Philippines (2009)
In the first half of 2009, Dr. Marlene Rillera Bermejo and others from the Health Action Information Network (HAIN) surveyed the price of 30 medicines in a total of 21 public sector medicine outlets and 27 private pharmacies. Data was collected in the three major island groups (Luzon, Vizaayas and Mindanao) using convenience sampling. For each medicine, data was collected for the originator brand and the highest- and lowest-priced generic equivalents.
Report (EN)


Sierra Leone
Access to Artemisinin-Combination Therapy (ACT) and Other Anti-Malarials: National Policy and Markets (2009)
In 2009, researchers from the University of Minnesota, Ministry of Health in Sierra Leone, DnDi and other institutions measured the price, availability and affordability of ACTs and other anti-malarials in 127 medicine outlets in the public, private and NGO sectors in six districts of Sierra Leone. The methodology was adapted from the WHO/HAI methodology.
Journal Article (EN)


Understanding the Antimalarials Market in Uganda (2007)
The Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV) identified that the anti-malaria medicines market in malaria-endemic countries is poorly described. It adapted the WHO/HAI medicine price and availability survey tool to better understand the anti-malaria medicines market. The first study was carried out in Uganda in 2007.
Report (EN): Understanding the Antimalarials Market in Uganda | Presentation  (EN): Understanding the Antimalarials Market in Uganda | Report (EN): Supply Chain and Price Components of Antimalarial Medicines in Uganda.