2012 Annual Report

2012 Financial Statements


Follow-up on CEWG Report on Research and Development Financing and Coordination 2012

ACTA is dead, long live ACTA? ACTA-like measures still in EU IP policies

Time for the final push: Say “No” to ACTA – again

EU and U.S. Negotiators Block Broad Support of Low- and Middle-income Countries to Move Towards Binding Health and Development R&D Convention

EU Parliament Says No and No Again to EMA: Independent Groups Echo Decision

Health Activists and Consumers Ask for Greater Public Return on EU Health R&D Spending and a Turn to Needs-driven Innovation

Big Pharma Spends Over €40 Million per Year Lobbying in the EU, Dwarfing Public Health NGOs

Civil Society Calls on Members of the European Parliament to Condemn ACTA

Divide and Conquer: A look behind the scenes of the EU pharmaceutical industry lobby

Heading ACTA and Access to Medicines: Flawed Process, Rationale and Agreement

Protect Access to Medicines: Say “No” to ACTA

Business Conduct Guidelines

Complaints Procedure (EN)

Procedimiento de Querellas

Klachtenprocedure (Complaints Procedure – Dutch)

Unlocking the Mysteries of Access to Clinical Trials Data in the EU

Call to EU Leadership on Global Health Research & Development


Statement on Medicines Patent Pool

Universal Access to Medicines for Non-Communicable Diseases

Drop in Pay-for-Delay Good for Access to Medicines in Europe

Resolution on Innovation and Access to Medical Technologies

Uso Racional: La influencia de la publicidad en el uso del medicamento

Statement on Conflicts of Interests delivered at WHA

Statement on EU India and EU Mercosur Free-Trade Negotiations

Medicines pay-for-delay back under the microscope

Transparency of European Medicines Regulation


Increasing Calls Within the EU for New Models of Medical Innovation

EMA Talks the ‘Conflicts of Interest’ Talk, but Will it Walk the Walk?