by TIM REED and SHILA KAUR (on behalf of HAI and the Antibiotic Resistance Coalition)

In the face of what is undoubtedly a global health emergency, we welcome this resolution and commend Member States and the Secretariat for their action.

The antibiotic resistance crisis demands strong global leadership from both the Assembly and the Secretariat. We therefore request that the World Health Organization (WHO) be given the mandate to provide clear leadership to coordinate efforts to address antibiotic resistance. As a consequence, all Member States must look to their contributions to ensure the WHO has sufficient resources to fulfill its vital leadership role.

We further suggest that the director general be asked to consider a comprehensive Framework Convention as a core component of the Global Action Plan. As demonstrated by the Framework Convention on Tobacco, it is a reliable and assured way to meet global health challenges.

Further, we ask that Member States commit to the development and implementation of specific, measurable and realistic targets for the reduction of antimicrobial resistance.

We further urge the Assembly to consider the following recommendations in the resolution:

  • End the use of antimicrobials for growth promotion and phase out use for routine disease prevention in livestock; 
  • Introduce comprehensive antibiotic resistance monitoring, including baseline surveys of availability and use of antibiotics; 
  • Strengthen the reference to innovation of new antibiotics, including through de-linking the costs of R&D from the price of health technologies; and 
  • Mention explicitly the need to ban direct to consumer promotion and curb all forms of promotion to doctors, veterinarians and farmers. 

Global civil society is prepared to assume its role as a partner in the development and implementation of a comprehensive Global Action Plan that ensures the threat of a post-antibiotic period does not become a reality.

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