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World Diabetes Day: Eyes on Insulin

Listen to our podcast below, or to get more indepth coverage of the barriers to insulin access, please follow this link. 

Company and Company Supported Programmes with a Component of Donated Insulin in LMICs  | Report 
The report looks at the supply of donated insulin through corporate social responsibility and other programmes by the three main insulin-producing companies.

Insulin Users’ Perspective Profile – Report  Infographics: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
This report focuses on the issues and complexities of insulin use and access to insulin from the perspective of those living with diabetes. For this profile, 36 people who use insulin were interviewed in 11 countries, including the United States, Thailand, Mali and Tanzania.

Biosimilar Insulin Regulatory Profile Report (update) | Fact Sheet
The Biosimilar Insulin Regulatory Profile discusses the regulatory pathways and challenges faced by companies seeking marketing authorisation for insulin biosimilars, particularly in highly-regulated markets such as the European Union (EU) and the United States (US).  It also includes a case study of two manufacturers who sought marketing authorisation from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for insulin products.

Access to Insulin: Challenges and Constraints –  Report
The ACCISS Study has completed its first phase of work, which aimed to gain an overall understanding of the insulin market through different profiles. These included profiles on the insulin market, intellectual property, insulin trade, prices, and taxes and tariffs. The main lessons from this work are presented in this report.

factsheet_patentInsulin Patent Profile – Fact Sheet | Report | Article
This profile uses data from various sources, including the United States Food and Drug Administration’s Orange Book and Health Canada, to determine the patent status of analogue and human insulins, and whether patents are a barrier to accessing insulin.

factsheet_tradeInsulin Trade Profile – Fact Sheet | Report | Annexes: 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8
From available trade databases and published literature, this profile maps the global trade of retail insulin and bulk insulin to show importing and exporting countries and their importance in global insulin trade. Countries that import insulin from only one country, making them vulnerable to possible disruptions in supply, are also identified.

Insulin Prices Profile – Fact Sheet | Reportfactsheet_prices
This profile analyses government procurement prices for insulin, patient prices and affordability of insulin in the public and private sectors, and insulin reimbursement prices. A time-series analysis of insulin prices listed in Management Sciences for Health International Drug Price Indicator Guide is also provided.

factsheet_tariffsInsulin Tariffs and Taxes Profile – Fact Sheet | Report
This profile describes import tariffs on retail insulin and bulk insulin over time, and identifies countries that continue to apply high tariff levels. It also identifies countries that apply value-added tax on insulins.

factsheet_marketInsulin Market Profile – Fact Sheet | Report
This profile identifies insulin manufacturers and countries where their products are registered and/or sold,  the inclusion of insulin in national essential medicines lists, insulin product registration data, recent studies on the efficacy and safety of analogue and human insulin, and an estimate of the rate of insulin consumption for people with type 2 diabetes.

Lancet D&E – The role of biosimilar manufacturers in improving access to insulin globally | Article 

Christophe Perrin, Margaret Ewen, David Beran

BMJ Global Health – Challenges constraining access to insulin in the private sector market of Delhi, India | Article | Appendix

Abhishek Sharma and Warren A Kaplan discussed the challenges faced by those acessing insulin in the private-sector market of Delhi state, India.

ACCISS Lancet Article ImageConstraints and Challenges in Access to Insulin – A Global Perspective | Lancet Article | Lancet Podcast

Based on the ACCISS Study’s initial report (below), this review article in The Lancet highlights the range and complexity of factors that contribute to the global lack of insulin attainment. An interview with lead author, David Beran, is also available.

idfDiabetes Voice June 2016 – Insulin in 2016: Challenges & Constraints to Access | Article

David Beran and his co-authors, examine the challenge and constraints to insulin access today, declaring our need to act on behalf of the 50 million people who require insulin but have difficulties accessing it.

Multi-stakeholder Meeting  – Webcast
During the ACCISS Multi-stakeholder Meeting, held on 11 September 2017, stakeholders from a variety of perspectives came together to discuss the barriers of global access to insulin and ways to move past these barriers to ensure access to insulin for all.

Eyes on Insulin- Videos
To commemorate the 2016 World Diabetes Day and diabetes awareness month, the ACCISS Study shared a series of short videos and podcast that underlined these critical issues and influences impacting the insulin market. From this work, they have not only identified barriers, but also opportunities and potential interventions that will going forward improve insulin access.video_forfindings

The World Health Day Panel Event – Videos
Watch the videos from the 2016 World Health Day Panel : Access to Insulin in the Spotlight.  Videos include a summary video which reflects the main topics addressed during the two-hour long panel, an overview by David Beran of the findings of the ACCISS Study in year one, and comments from each of the panellist.

The Price of Insulin – Infographics
Download and share some of the few key findings from the first year of  the ACCISS Study.