ACCISS Study Roll-out

Phase 1: Mapping the insulin market from different angles
Researchers will map the global insulin market to determine which pharmaceutical companies manufacture and distribute insulin. Formulations, prices, production scale, distribution channels, trade issues, etc. will be assessed, as well as regulatory issues related to market authorisations for biosimilars. Current initiatives to improve access to insulin will also be examined.

Phase 2: Understanding who produces insulin and challenges in the distribution channel
Researchers will visit insulin manufacturers identified in phase 1 to assess their market reach, quality assurance standards and the types of insulin that they produce. Manufacturers that may be capable of producing large-scale, quality-assured insulin will be identified, which could potentially expand the global insulin supply. The distribution chain will also be assessed to measure add-on costs in the supply chain, such as duties, value-added and other taxes, mark-ups, rebates and discounts.

Phase 3: Developing interventions to improve access to insulin
Following a multi-stakeholder meeting to share the results of phases 1 and 2, interventions to improve global access to insulin will be developed, along with a proposal for piloting the developed recommendations and future project activities. The multi-stakeholder group will include people with diabetes, donors, third-party payers, regulators and representatives from low- and middle-income countries, the World Health Organization, the pharmaceutical industry and diabetes organisations. Wide consultation will ensure that developed interventions will meet real on-the-ground needs and ensure greater ownership.