The Health Action International (HAI)–WHO gold-standard methodology to assess the price, availability, affordability, and price components of medicines has been adjusted to specifically target commodities for SRH.

The SRHC survey collects data on the availability and out-of-pocket patient prices of SRHC in the public, private and mission/other sectors. It also assesses health provider perspectives on access to SRHC. The method facilitates rapid and reliable data collection and enables price and availability indicators to be compared within and between individual countries. It is designed to measure access to SRHCs at certain points in time, but can also be used to monitor access over a longer timeframe.

The method has been developed and field-tested for Kenya, Zambia and Uganda; however, it is globally applicable in other low- and middle-income countries where little or no provision for reimbursement is in place. The methodology is designed around a specific set of commodities which can be adapted to meet country priorities accordingly. Its ultimate goal is improving access to affordable medicines for all.