Eyes on Insulin

To commemorate the 2016 World Diabetes Day and diabetes awareness month, the ACCISS Study shared a series of short videos and podcast that underlined these critical issues and influences impacting the insulin market. From this work, they have not only identified barriers, but also opportunities and potential interventions that will going forward improve insulin access.



These short issue-based videos were taken during the ACCISS Advisory Group Meeting in Amsterdam at the end of October 2016. From biosimilars to how mark-ups impact the final insulin price, these videos cover some of the critical barriers to  and opportunities for improving access to insulin. You can scroll the videos or use the menus on the right to watch![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text]Governments’ role in insulin access
Price mark-ups
Insulin access and the insulin user
Next steps for the study
Insulin access from the doctor’s perspective
Insulin biosimilars
Price variability and affordability
Insulin price by insulin type
Patents on insulin

Why is there not more competition in the insulin market?
Insulin price variability and affordability
Are patents a problem for insulin?
Price differences between analogue and human insulins
What can governments do?
What are mark-ups??
How can we increase competition in the global insulin market? ?
What are the challenges of insulin access for the user?
What are the next steps in the project?
How do users access insulin in Tanzania?
What is a biosimilar?