Jacques Schillings

Jacques joined the team in late 2023 and is responsible for the planning, monitoring and evaluation of HAI’s projects, as well as the development of programmes and fundraising. During the implementation phase of programmes he assists Project Managers with donor compliance and data collection, and analysis for reporting and the programmes’ adaptive management and improvements. Working on a wide range of projects, he liaises directly with funders to ensure that donor requirements are met at partner and at HAI level.

Jacques has many years of professional experience in development cooperation, with considerable expertise in monitoringevaluation, accountability, and learning (MEAL). Prior to joining, HAI he worked and lived in Bolivia, Colombia, Paraguay, Brazil, The Netherlands and the U.K. He has worked, among others, with WWF, IUCN, Save the Children, ICCO and Hivos. Jacques has a passion for results-based management of development projects and programmes and considers the generation of evidence the key building block for learning and improving the current and future projects of HAI, as well as of their partners and donors. Jacques speaks Dutch, English, Spanish, German and is currently finalising a course of French.