Statement | 27 May 2021 | Download PDF


Agenda item 13.2

Resolution: Diabetes Prevention and Management, including access to insulin

Health Action International, supported by Santé Diabète and T1International, would like to thank the Russian Federation for leading the Resolution on Diabetes Prevention and Management, including access to insulin. It provides an important opportunity for WHO and Member States work collaboratively to improve the lives of over 460 million people with diabetes.

This resolution is particularly pertinent this year, the centenary of the discovery of insulin. While we mark this momentous life-saving medical discovery, we cannot celebrate. That is because 100 years on, despite insulin being the foundation of treatment for over 70 million people globally, 1 in 2 have no or irregular access. In low- and middle-income countries people on low wages must work up to 14 days to afford one vial of insulin. This struggle for insulin impacts not only individuals and their families, but also national health systems and economies. 

For people with diabetes, insulin is just one element of their care. We are pleased that the resolution also acknowledges that other elements of care must exist including access to insulin delivery devices and blood glucose monitoring tools, as well as diabetes-specific care and support.

We urge Member States to adopt the proposed resolution and:

  • Commit to concrete actions to improve availability and affordability of quality-assured insulin, delivery devices and blood glucose monitoring tools for all who need them
  • Develop and promote health policies and systems recognizing the differences between type 1 and type 2 diabetes and support person-centered approaches to care.
  • Ensure transparency of markets for insulin and related commodities to empower purchasers
  • Collaborate with WHO to ensure the Global Diabetes Compact has tangible outcomes.