Snakebite Prevention Comic Book | November 2022 | Download PDF

This new publication adds to HAI’s array useful tools on snakebite prevention and first aid and was produced in collaboration with Access to Medicines Platform Kenya and local Kenyan designers.

The comic book “Safiya’s 8 Secrets” is aimed at schoolchildren aged 10-14 and is based on our tips for living safely alongside snakes. It follows our heroes, Alika and Jabari, as they embark on a learning journey with their new friend, a snake called Safiya.

At the beginning of their encounter with Safiya, Alika and Jabari confess that snakes are not their favourite animals. In return, Safiya shares that snakes are also afraid of people because they often hit and hurt them. This seems to be an eye-opening moment for Alika and Jabari, who start to think critically about their own behaviours. With this Safiya begins to reveal actions that can be taken in and around the home, as well as out and about, to keep the children and their families safe from snakebites.

“We snakes have such a bad reputation. That’s a shame because we’re not that bad” Safiya, the snake.

Fast forwarding to the end of their journey, it becomes evident that both children are empowered with knowledge about snakebite prevention and by the end of the comic book they are no longer afraid of snakes.

“Safiya’s 8 Secret” is a valuable learning resource in the hands of children and adults alike which we hope will be shared far and wide in snakebite affected communities in Kenya.  

Access the full comic book here to help spread the secrets of snakebite prevention.