Press Statement | 10 February 2012 | PDF

Tomorrow people in over 200 cities are expected to take to the streets, speaking out against the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) – an international agreement that threatens our civil liberties and access to medicines.

ACTA proposes aggressive intellectual property enforcement that would hinder generic competition, leaving healthcare systems and consumers to pay higher prices for medicines. Similar provisions as those in ACTA have already stopped generic medicines in transit through Europe, delaying their speedy delivery to developing countries.

ACTA was established over the last five years in a secret, undemocratic process. ACTA predominantly caters to private rights holders. The European Union’s first and foremost concern should be its citizens, not its corporations. Take a stand to protect civil liberties and access to medicines: say ‘no’ to ACTA. Send your concerns in a personal message to your elected representatives now.