Brochure | April 2023 | Download PDF

Medicines are crucial for improving our health and well-being. But the price of many new and patented medicines in Europe is growing higher every year, jeopardising the ability of patients to access them when needed and threatening the sustainability of our healthcare systems.

Elsewhere in the European health sphere, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become dominated by an overly positive narrative pushed by the pharmaceutical companies and MedTech. In reality, major risks exist, including discrimination, harming people’s health and safety, exacerbating health inequalities, and infringing on patients’ fundamental rights.

Health Action International’s (HAI) Promoting Health Rights and Access to Medicines in Europe (PHRAME) project is on a mission to advance policies that put the health and well-being of patients first. We do this by focusing on three main pillars:

  • Equitable Access to Affordable Medicines
  • Artificial Intelligence and Health
  • Democratisation of Medicines Policy

Download the brochure (PDF) to find out more.