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The European Union (EU) and its institutions play a major role in promoting and improving access to safe and effective medicines in its 27 Member States. It does so by addressing challenges in the development, production, supply, trade and use of pharmaceuticals in the EU and beyond.

This policy brief outlines the priority issues in medicines policy in the EU, and gives recommendations for action and policy initiatives that, when implemented, can serve to improve access to affordable, safe, effective and quality assured medicines for all EU citizens. This paper includes:

  • Intellectual property incentives
  • Transparency and clinical trials
  • Health Technology Assessment
  • Trade discussions
  • Public-funded research
  • Medicine shortages
  • Antimicrobial resistance

It aims to provide decision makers at the EU level with information about the key issues over the next four years and how we can work together to tackle them. In particular, we are looking forward to seeing progress on the HTA and to continue to protect clinical trial transparency across the EU.

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