Joint Statement | 24 April, 2018 | Download PDF

Our Vision for Health in the European Union

We believe that a Europe where all people are as healthy as they can be throughout their lives is possible. A Europe that promotes well-being for all people of all ages, and where people can live, work and age in sustainable and healthy environments. A Europe that supports timely access to affordable, high quality healthcare for all.

Our common asks from the European Commission

The Lisbon Strategy includes a target of adding two healthy life years on average across the EU by 2020—a target that still needs to be met. We need strong political leadership from the European Commission to achieve this goal. This requires a Commission Vice-President and a Directorate General dedicated to health, to ensure that health protection and promotion is guaranteed across all European Commission portfolios. Strong leadership on health will resonate with European citizens and bring the EU closer to them, restoring people’s trust in the EU institutions.

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