Joint Statement | 17 May 2019 | Download PDF

Health Action International (HAI) was recently joined by 13 other civil society organisations to call for governments to show their support for higher standards of transparency as a means to improve access to medicines.

A joint statement was created by these organisations that addressed the threat to public health posed by the excessive high prices of a number of medicines, including life-saving ones. This statement aimed to discuss access to medications, in addition to calling attention to areas for improvement prior to the World Health Assembly.

The statement outlined that although the steps taken by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to address high prices and other obstacles to access to medicines were welcomed by HAI and the other civil society organisations, concerns were raised about the lack of engagement by other relevant stakeholders shown during the latest Fair Pricing Forum.

Read the full joint statement to learn more about HAI and the 13 civil society organisations’ expressions of support to the WHO follow-up to the Fair Pricing Forum, and the opportunity for the World Health Assembly to be a turning point in the fight to promote and improve access to medicines.

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