The Health Action International (HAI) Annual Report for 2023, Evidence, Advocacy, Change, provides a detailed overview of the progress, achievements and challenges across all of our projects and work throughout last year.

Our new tagline, Evidence, Advocacy, Change, became particularly important in 2023 as we put in place a new Constitution. This change not only aptly captured our objectives and mission, particularly in the light of a new landscape that emerged post-pandemic, but also made governance more efficient and aligned with current Dutch thinking by seeing the transition from a nine-person Foundation Board to a lean three-person Supervisory Board.

Meanwhile project work continued unabated. On sexual and reproductive health, working with our in-country implementing partners, we published a huge amount of new research on access to services and commodities across the Great Lakes Region. Localised interventions are now being used to good effect in advocacy efforts on the ground.

Meanwhile, we remained leaders in discussions evolving around artificial intelligence (AI) and health policy, bringing together a broad range of civil society stakeholders in purposeful discussions on the impact of AI in the global health arena. Our work on access to insulin produced important data on affordability, but also looked increasingly towards access to diagnostics and education.

On the broader front, HAI continued advocating at the World Health Organization (WHO) for a pandemic treaty that centres on equitable access to health technologies in whatever health emergency awaits us around the corner. We sought initiatives that focused on the link between climate change and global health. Finally, we continued our work on snakebite envenoming, with our comic book for children translated into French and having reached over 1000 school children in Kenya alone.

Download the 2023 Annual Report to find out more.