Statement | 24 May 2019 | Download PDF

Antimicrobial and antibiotic resistance may be the biggest global health challenge to be faced this millennium. Antimicrobial resistance describes the ability of a microorganism being able to stop antimicrobials (such as antibiotics) from effectively working within the body (WHO, 2017).

Increasingly, this is becoming a global problem and one that requires international action in order to curb this concerning development.

For this reason, Health Action International (HAI) provided a statement at the 72nd World Health Assembly that supported the calls for the creation of a One Health Global Leadership Group, and the establishment of an independent panel on evidence for action against AMR. In addition to this, HAI spoke of the need for a Global Antibiotic Research and Development Partnership by other not-for-profits working on delinkage innovation models.

In addition to this, it was necessary to note the abandonment of the antibiotic development pipeline by some in the pharmaceutical industry. As noted by HAI, “without a public return on public investment, it is, in short, blackmail”.

To learn more about the areas supported and condemned by HAI, read the full statement made by HAI on antimicrobial and antibiotic resistance during a session of the 72nd World Health Assembly.

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