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The Annual Report 2021 provides a detailed overview of the progress, achievements and challenges throughout our projects over the last 12 months. For HAI, 2021 was always going to be an important year, as it was the year in which we celebrated our 40th anniversary. And although last year came with further heartache and loss, it also brought hope in the form of the newly approved vaccines, combined with emerging treatments and other public health measures.

Across all of HAI’s projects, work continued unabated, and we remained at the centre of some of the other big issues in access to medicines and the right to health. It was the centenary of the discovery of insulin, which we marked with the launch of a short documentary looking at some of the main challenges and solutions to improve access to this life-saving medication. Transparency was again a big theme for HAI’s Europe Team, with particular efforts made to make it relevant to a wider audience with a series of explainer animations. Snakebite continued to reach new communities with essential first aid and prevention materials, our popular posters being translated into a further four languages (including Swahili and Spanish). Moreover, we consolidated the Women Champions of Snakebite; a first of its kind network celebrating the contribution of women to the science, understanding and treatment of snakebite envenoming.

We expanded into new technological frontiers with the launch of a brand-new project on Artificial Intelligence and its impact on access to medicines, including for marginalised groups. The first steps to other exciting new work on youth empowerment, sexual and reproductive health and rights, and family planning were also taken, with much more to come in 2022.

This is just a short glance of what was another big year for HAI—read on to find out more.

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