Statement | 27 May 2019 | Download PDF

Recently, Health Action International (HAI) addressed the world health assembly to contribute to the roadmap for access to medicines and vaccines, in addition to other health products.

In this statement, HAI commended the efforts of WHO and the South African Department of Health for the second Fair Pricing Forum. HAI noted that the forum concluded with a consensus regarding what a new, more accurate definition of a fair and affordable price might be. In addition to this, the forum incorporated transparency as a fundamental component of global health good governance.

HAI noted that “Transparency is not a goal in itself, but a means to an end, and can be a multiplier of government efforts to improve universal access to medicines in areas such as Health Technology Assessment, pricing decisions, procurement and reimbursement mechanisms”.

The statement concluded with cost-containment measures being proven and available. HAI called on WHO to attempt to reduce pervasiveness of information asymmetries in relation to pharmaceutical markets.

Read the full statement by HAI at the 72nd World Health Assembly to learn more about HAI’s position on the revised roadmap on Access to Medicines and Vaccines.

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