Fact Sheet | May 2022 | Download PDF

Today, one hundred years after its first use, insulin is still the sole treatment for type 1 diabetes and used by over 60 million people living with type 2 diabetes, with this number increasing every year. Without this medicine, people with type 1 diabetes will die, and many with type 2 diabetes will suffer life-threatening complications.

The 74th World Health Assembly (WHA74) resolution on diabetes helped to raise awareness and provided recommendations on actions to take to improve access to insulin. But action must still be taken to ensure the availability and affordability of insulin for those in need wherever they happen to live, and that countries can provide for treatment within their budgets. From the work that has already been done, it is clear that multiple and complex challenges through the whole supply chain, from initial research and development through to people using insulin, are impacting access to insulin in many countries.

This fact sheet, issued as a guide to delegates ahead of WHA75, provides more details about these challenges, and gives recommendations to governments and the World Health Organization on how to overcome these hurdles.

Download the fact sheet here (PDF)

For information on proposed diabetes targets at WHA75, click here.