Annual Report | June 2020 | Download PDF

Will 2019 go down in the history books as a turning point for the
access to medicines movement? Perhaps it’s too soon to give a
definitive answer to that question, particularly given the shifting sands
caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, but whatever happens, it was
certainly a year in which positive strides were made on a global scale.

Health Action International’s (HAI) Annual Report for 2019 is a bumper crop achievements across all of our project areas. In it, we cover the progress we made, as well as the challenges we faced, throughout the course of last year. This year, the release of the Annual Report comes at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grip communities the world over. The pandemic, and the consequences of the lockdowns that have gone with it, have exacerbated many of the issues we have been working hard to address over the years. As such, we have we have been working with partners to respond to the impact of COVID-19.

This 2019 annual report covers our work and activities over the previous year, covering:

Further, you will learn more about HAI’s staff, structure and policies.

Our successes over the last year has helped us bolster our message and given us confidence in the fact that the work we do is as important – if not more now – than it was when it all began nearly 40 years ago. HAI will continue to adapt to ever changing policy and funding environments and ensure our work remains relevant, with an impact that improves the lives and health of people around the world.

Download the Annual Report (PDF)