European Advocacy Projects
With continued financial support from the Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (CHAFEA), the Camino Foundation and Open Societies Foundations (OSF), HAI continued to advocate within the European Union for good governance, equitable medicines access, needs-driven biomedical innovation and trade policies that put health ahead of commercial profits. This work proved to be all the more interesting in 2014 with the installation of a new European Commission. We achieved great success in our work on clinical trial data transparency this year, which included the release of numerous policy materials, media coverage and presentations to and meetings with key policymakers. These activities, along with the efforts of our partners, increased awareness and support for clinical trial data publication, particularly amongst Members of the European Parliament, who voted in an overwhelming majority to adopt a new Clinical Trials Regulation. We also urged the European Medicines Agency to honour its commitments to clinical trial transparency and were somewhat encouraged by its adoption of a policy on data publication in October.

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