our-interns-are-invaluableNovember is ‘Intern Spotlight Month’ here at Health Action International (HAI), when we shine a light on the interns who make tremendous contributions to our team and the work we do with their fresh perspectives, new ideas, intellect and vivacious spirit. Each week throughout the month of November, we’ll introduce you to one of our interns from the past year who’ll explain the research they conducted during their internship, as well as what they gained from it.

Every year, HAI accepts a few bright and ambitious students into its internship programme at our bustling Amsterdam headquarters. This provides valuable educational experience for students who are interested in conducting research and/or advocacy on a number of access to medicines issues in the European Union or internationally. Possible areas of focus include surveying the price, availability and affordability of medicines; examining the negative impact of pharmaceutical marketing on clinical practices; industry funding of patient groups; rational use of medicines; ethics of industry-professional relationships; and medicines financing. Internships are also available within HAI’s communications team.

Here at HAI, we put the utmost effort into ensuring that each intern benefits as much as possible from their time spent with us. Each placement is first and foremost a learning experience for the intern. We’ve found that this is how our interns best develop their personal and professional skills.

So, watch this space in the coming days and weeks for our weekly intern spotlight. And if you’re interested in doing an internship at HAI, you’ll find more information about how to apply here.