In a new statement, hundreds of MEPs and MPs demand real text-based negotiations for a TRIPS Waiver at the World Trade Organization and for the European Commission to stop harming its moral stature by putting pharma interest (and patents) before patients’ lives.

After more than six months of wrangling and diversionary tactics by the European Commission and other countries opposing the proposal for a temporary waiver of the TRIPS Agreement, a growing chorus of voices within the EU (particularly in countries like Germany) demanding this opposition be dropped. Blocking the waiver is at odds with Commission President Von der Leyen’s supposed willingness to waive patents and intellectual property rights on vaccines for EU-use only.

Civil society, research institutions and Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have now been joined by national Members of Parliament (MPs) from Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Sweden in calling for the Commission to drop its opposition to the waiver.

We believe that countries must stop hiding behind COVAX and recognise their responsibility and the consequences of vaccine hoarding, and stop actively blocking possible solutions for many low- and middle-income countries, as well as their own societies.

HAI and other organisations will be closely following the European Council meeting later this week and the informal consultations at World Trade Organization on Friday.  The status-quo is not acceptable.