Statement | January 2024 | Download PDF

Health Action International is pleased to take the floor under this agenda item. The growth and spread of antimicrobial and antibacterial resistance is a monumental challenge for health services regardless borders or boundaries.

We applaud the stewardship of WHO on the topic and its close collaboration with institutional partners in the development and fulfilment of a One Health approach that reflects the multifaceted nature of AMR. We believe it is critical to take into account the toll of AMR when addressing other global health topics and explore synergies and confluences with other actors. On this, we salute the efforts of the Global Leaders group on AMR of and their work to harness political will into consequential change.

We welcome the strategic priorities set out in the document and encourage member states to endorse them while adding alternative innovation mechanisms as possible venues for the development of new and effective antibiotics in line with the report by the Council on the Economics of Health for All.