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Working Paper 3: The Regulation of Mark-ups in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Understanding and Responding To Medicines Promotion


Transparency of Clinical Trial Data on Medicines in the EU

LAC-Global Alliance Statement on Trans-Pacific Partnership and Access to Affordable Medicines

NGOs Condemn the EU Press Release on TRIPS Extension for Least Developed Countries

Comprendre la promotion pharmaceutique et y répondre: Un manuel pratique

EU-India free trade deal puts millions of lives at risk

2012 Annual Report

2012 Financial Statements


ACTA is dead, long live ACTA? ACTA-like measures still in EU IP policies

Time for the final push: Say “No” to ACTA – again

EU Parliament Says No and No Again to EMA: Independent Groups Echo Decision

Big Pharma Spends Over €40 Million per Year Lobbying in the EU, Dwarfing Public Health NGOs

Civil Society Calls on Members of the European Parliament to Condemn ACTA

Divide and Conquer: A look behind the scenes of the EU pharmaceutical industry lobby

Business Conduct Guidelines

Complaints Procedure (EN)

Unlocking the Mysteries of Access to Clinical Trials Data in the EU


Statement on Medicines Patent Pool

Universal Access to Medicines for Non-Communicable Diseases

Drop in Pay-for-Delay Good for Access to Medicines in Europe

Statement on Conflicts of Interests delivered at WHA

Statement on EU India and EU Mercosur Free-Trade Negotiations

Medicines pay-for-delay back under the microscope


EU Citizens Get a Voice in Pharmacovigilance

Understanding & Responding to Pharmaceutical Promotion: A Practical Guide


Unbiased medicines’ information: European best practices

Wyzwanie dla niezależnej informacji: dyrektywa w sprawie informowania pacjentów

Understanding and Responding to Pharmaceutical Promotion: A Practical Guide

The Tide is Turning Against Pharmaceutical Ads