A. Basic Behavioural Requirements

A.1. Behaviour which Complies with Law
Observing the law and the legal system in every country where we do business is a fundamental principle for HAI1 . All employees must obey the laws and regulations of the legal systems within which they are operating in addition to applicable HAI policies. Violations of the law must be avoided under all circumstances.

Regardless of the sanctions that could be imposed by law, all employees guilty of a violation will be subject to disciplinary consequences because of the violation of their employment duties.

A.2. Mutual Respect, Honesty and Integrity
We respect the personal dignity, privacy, and personal rights of every individual. We work together with individuals of various ethnic backgrounds, cultures, religions, ages, disabilities, races, sexual identity, world view and gender. Consistent with our corporate principles and with the employment laws of numerous countries in which we work, we do not tolerate discrimination against anyone on the basis of any of these characteristics or harassment or offensive behaviour, whether sexual or otherwise personal.

These principles apply to both internal cooperation and conduct towards external partners. We make decisions about those we work with—including personnel, suppliers, customers and business partners—based only on appropriate considerations, not on the basis of inappropriate considerations such as discrimination or coercion.

We are open, honest and stand by our responsibilities. We are reliable partners and make no promises we cannot keep. And we expect our employees to act with integrity.

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