Big Pharma: The new digital influencers?

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Date(s) - 19/11/2019
13:00 CET - 13:45 CET


Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly using digital communications channels to reach consumers. This Zoom webinar will provide an overview of pharmaceutical marketing online, with a focus on regulation, ‘Dr. Google’, and how organisations are advertising direct to consumers on social media platforms.

Join Executive Director Dr. Tim Reed and Digital Communications Advisor Dimity Kirkwood from Health Action International as they’ll discuss how pharmaceuticals are utilising digital platforms as marketing tools.

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Fascinating point from @HAITim: Direct to consumer marketing of pharmaceuticals is legal in the US but illegal in Europe - how can this EU law be enforced when social media posts travel across the globe in minutes? #pharmamarketingonline #bigpharma #globalmarketing

Behind the scenes of today's #webinar on #pharmamarketingonline - our Digital Comms Advisor @kirkwood_dimity is taking us through the techniques used by pharma companies to influence the 70,000 health care searches made every minute on @google. Watch now:

Find out how Dr Google's search results are influenced by pharmaceutical digital marketing techniques: live, now at #pharmamarketingonline

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