Webinar: Overcoming the obstacles to public return on public investment

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Date(s) - 21/11/2022
15:00 CET - 16:00 CET


Public support for biomedical research & development is critical for scientific progress and instrumental in allowing innovative health technologies reaching markets and patients. On many occasions such support, economic or in-kind, is decisive in the early stages of research of products like vaccines or CAR- T therapies, which are then marketed by companies for extortionate prices, generating huge profits. How to ensure the public return on public investment remains a major challenge for all funders and public research institutions.

This new report addresses the main issues affecting the public and non-exclusive licensing of research generated by publicly supported institutions. Tt looks not only at legal and administrative hurdles, such as intellectual property rights, but also at the internal policy dilemmas faced by professionals and institutions. It provides a comprehensive analysis of what works, what doesn’t work, and what can be improved to guarantee improved access to health technologies developed with public support.

Joining us for this event will be the authors of the report, advocates and researchers working on access to health technologies, innovation models and pandemic response.


  • Irene Bernal, Advocacy and Research Manager, Salud por Derecho
  • Jaime Manzano, Advocacy and Research Officer, Salud por Derecho
  • Jaume Vidal, Senior Policy Advisor, Health Action International
  • Adrián Alonso, Researcher and Project Manager, Global Health Centre
  • Maaza Seyoum, Global South Convenor, People’s Vaccine Alliance


  • Priti Patnaik, Geneva Health Files Founding Editor

Register now: https://bit.ly/licensing-obstacles