Signe Mezinska

Signe is a Board Member of the non-governmental organisation, Health Projects for Latvia, which is a member organisation of Health Action International. She holds an MA in Philosophy (University of Latvia), MSc in Bioethics (Union Graduate College, United States), and Doctor of Science in Sociology of Health and Illness (Riga Stradins University). Signe currently lectures as a Docent at the University of Latvia, Faculty of Medicine and is serving as Vice-Chair for the Riga East Hospital Foundation Research Ethics Committee. She is also a faculty member of the Advanced certificate programme: E-Education in Research Ethics – Central and Eastern Europe (Union Graduate College, United States and Vilnius University, Lithuania). Signe has authored and co-authored several peer-reviewed articles and book chapters on clinical research ethics and bioethics. Her scientific interests include clinical research ethics, rational use of medicines, ethics of patient/physician relationship, and reproductive ethics. She was elected to the Board in 2014.