Given that we constantly demand full transparency of our governments and the pharmaceutical industry, Health Action International takes great pride in ensuring our organisation is fully transparent. This includes transparency in our business model, relationships, and key policies and procedures, which is critical to earning and retaining the trust of our donors, staff, members, partners and other stakeholders.


Our work is based on the HAI Constitution and governed by our Supervisory Board.

Key Policies & Procedures

Our Business Conduct Guidelines and other key policies outline the ethical and legal framework within which we conduct our work. If mistakes, wrongful actions, or breaches of our codes occur, any stakeholder, regardless of their affiliation to HAI, has the right to file a complaint using the Complaints Procedure outlined below.


HAI adheres to the Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (ANBI) requirements for core document transparency. Our ANBI information can be found here.