Stichting (Foundation) Health Action International is a non-profit organisation. We provide the following information to comply with requirements under the Algemeen Nut Beogende Instellingen (ANBI).

What Drives Us

Our vision:
HAI and its partners recognise that poverty and social injustice represent the greatest barriers to sustainable health and development. Together, we work for just and equitable societies where people can participate in making decisions that affect their health and well-being. Only by achieving sustainable levels of good health can citizens take a full and active role in development.

Our mission:
We support rational and economic medicines policy and advocate for social justice in healthcare by improving access to essential medicines and promoting the rational use of medicines.

Our goal:
HAI is working towards a world where all people, especially those living in poverty, are able to exercise their human right to health. Our goal is to achieve universal and equitable access to affordable essential medicines of assured quality and to ensure that those medicines are used rationally to promote the highest standards of health throughout the world.

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Governance and Remuneration Policies
Health Action International has one executive director, Tim Reed.

Our Foundation Board ensures compliance with our vision and mission and oversees management.

To determine remuneration, we adhere to the CAO Welzijn en Maatschappelijke Dienstverlening salary scales. We reference the Vereniging Fondsenwervende Instellingen to determine salary points. The salary of the executive director is publicly reported in our financial statements. The Board of Stichting HAI is non-remunerated and receives only reimbursement of necessary traveling expenses to attend Board meetings.

Annual Report & Financial Statements
A report of our activities, including our financial accountability, is provided in our annual and financial reports.

Additional Information
Our RSIN (or tax identification number) is 008651310. Contact information for our office is available here.