Health Action International is using our research, advocacy and strong civil society network in sub-Saharan Africa to roll out our Snakebite Programme in Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia. In close collaboration with the Global Snakebite Initiative and our country partners (the James Ashe Antivenom Trust in Kenya, HEPS Uganda, and Mr Liyoka Liyoka in Zambia), our Snakebite Programme is:

  • Developing a much-needed evidence base on snakebite incidence rates and the price, availability and affordability of antivenom in Kenya, Uganda and Zambia by gathering data from healthcare facilities and communities.
  • Conducting evidence-based advocacy by equipping civil society partners with advocacy tools so they can press for greater action on snakebite. We are also working with our partners to develop advocacy ‘champions’ (in Zambia) and multi-stakeholder platforms (in Kenya and Uganda), led by civil society and comprised of healthcare professionals, herpetologists, toxicologists, and pharmacists, which use our research to call for government policy changes that improve snakebite management.
  • Raising awareness and knowledge about effective snakebite prevention, first-aid, treatment, and rehabilitation among healthcare workers and members of civil society.