Healthcare professionals are often the target of the pharmaceutical industry’s marketing activities. But how does pharmaceutical marketing affect prescribing and dispensing decisions? Our workshops, based on our guides, Understanding and Responding to Pharmaceutical Promotion and Fact or Fiction: What Healthcare Professionals Need to Know about Pharmaceutical Marketing in the European Union, help educate and empower healthcare professionals to critically appraise pharmaceutical marketing, helping them make optimal treatment decisions for patients. The workshops are also useful for civil society representatives who advocate for better medicines policy and policy-makers, themselves, who develop and implement pharmaceutical marketing policies.

Understanding Pharmaceutical Marketing Workshop Programme

  • Welcome and introduction of participants
  • Overview of pharmaceutical promotion strategies and impact on clinical practice
  • Review of regulations on pharmaceutical promotion (EU/selected country)
  • Work group sessions (examination of conflict of interest policies in medical education/critical analysis of pharmaceutical promotion examples)
  • Independent sources of information

Key outcomes

  • Students from medicine and pharmacy from all grades have benefited from HAI’s workshops’ contribution to increase awareness about pharmaceutical promotional strategies & their imact on prescribing habits
  • More education on how to critically respond to pharmaceutical promotion is needed in medical curricula

Workshop materials:


A Catalyst for Change: How Medical Students Are Pushing for Industry Regulation on Campus

In March 2019, Peter Grabitz (Member, Universities Allied for Essential Medicines) joined us for a Facebook Live session on how action by medical students is changing the way medical schools approach pharmaceutical marketing on campus.

View the webinar (slides available here):

Unbiased Information on Medicines: Why is it Needed?

In October 2018, we were joined by expert and HAI member, Dr Barbara Mintzes, for a webinar aimed at medical and pharmacy students, titled ‘Unbiased information on medicines: Why is it needed?’

View the full webinar:

For more information on these workshops, please contact our Communications Manager, Alex Lawrence.

These events received funding under an operating grant from the European Union’s Health Programme (2014–2020).