Every single year, venomous snakebites kill well over 125,000 people in the world’s poorest areas even though antivenom—the only safe and effective treatment—already exists, and has existed for decades.

Death is only one of many devastating effects of this crisis. Thousands more snakebite victims are left severely disabled and in crippling lifelong debt.

Health Action International is working to end the suffering.

Our Snakebite Programme is working both on the ground in Kenya, Uganda and Zambia—and at the global level with governments—to put a model in place that increases snakebite prevention, first aid and treatment.


What can you do?

Do #theBiteThing for snakebite and join our movement today! Just…

  1. Take a benevolent bite of a tasty food item.
  2. Snap a shot of it.
  3. Post it on social media with #theBiteThing hashtag.
  4. Tag three people to do the same.
  5. Then donate to our Snakebite Programme on this page or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/haimedicines.

Even a small donation of €5 can help us save lives and limbs.

Every cent donated will go toward our snakebite projects on the ground. Not salaries, not operating costs—just action!

Antivenom. Education. First Aid. Do #theBiteThing for snakebite and help us put solutions into the hands of those in need.

Need some help choosing what to write on your social media post? Try this:

I’m doing #theBiteThing for snakebite because the tools to save thousands of lives from #snakebite envenoming exist and I want to help put them in the hands of those in need. I’m challenging my friends ____,____,____ to take the challenge with me!

Watch Salome’s story and do #theBiteThing for snakebite.
What began as a foot race between Salome and her sisters ended in a race to save her life after she was bitten by a venomous snake near her village in Kenya.

Total donations€ 2925,-