Staff Spotlight: Molly Lepeska

Only when all pieces of a puzzle are assembled do you see a picture. The pieces come in different shapes and sizes, but each has a purpose—and missing one will leave an obvious gap. Only together do they form a greater whole.

Now and in the coming months, we’d like to introduce you to Health Action International’s most precious ‘puzzle pieces’: Our staff.

European Commission Appoints Health Action International to HTA Network Stakeholder Pool

By Santos | Senior Policy Advisor

Health Action International (HAI) was yesterday announced as a member of the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Network Stakeholder Pool. The Pool has been established to facilitate contributions by a wide range of stakeholders to policy development related to HTAs in the European Union (EU).

We look forward to actively participating in future discussions and to supporting initiatives that strengthen the role of HTAs as a promoter of innovation,

Health Action International Launches Study to Examine Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Commodities in Kenya, Uganda and Zambia


When 21-year-old Kissa Ojok became pregnant with her first child, she feared for her life. For years, she had heard stories from other women in her community, a rural village in central Uganda, about the pain, suffering—even death—that many before her had endured during pregnancy and childbirth. She had also heard,

Clinical Trial Data Transparency on Trial – EMA Under Pressure From Pharma Lawsuit

Thursday 1 December 2016 | Clinical Trial Data | |  Updated 22 December 2016

By Santos, Policy Advisor, Health Action International

For too long, pharmaceutical companies have endangered patient safety by providing biased information about a medicine’s effect on their users.

November is ‘Intern Spotlight Month’ at Health Action International

November is ‘Intern Spotlight Month’ here at Health Action International (HAI), when we shine a light on the interns who make tremendous contributions to our team and the work we do with their fresh perspectives, new ideas, intellect and vivacious spirit. Each week throughout the month of November, we’ll introduce you to one of our interns from the past year who’ll explain the research they conducted during their internship,

Conference on Clinical Drug Trials is Coming Up—and You’re Invited

Clinical trials are key to determining the safety and efficacy of medicines. But to do so, trials must be robust and ethical—and their full results must be reported publicly. Unfortunately, many trials are not meeting this criteria. More and more are being off-shored to developing countries where they can be conducted more cheaply and with questionable ethical standards.

Next Gen Advocates Excel at HAI/HP4L Summer School on Access to Medicines

by Santos Quintano, Policy Advisor, Health Action International A strong civil society is an essential component of an advanced democracy. To facilitate participation in policy-making processes, civil society groups need capacity and expertise. In July 2016, Health Action International (HAI) and Health Projects for Latvia organised a four-day summer school in the charming city of [...]

Insulin Still Unattainable for Many Living with Diabetes Worldwide: ACCISS Study Review in The Lancet D&E


An ACCISS Study Review of the global insulin market, called ‘Constraints and Challenges in Access to Insulin: A Global Perspective, was published Friday in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology. Co-authored by ACCISS Study leaders, David Beran, Marg Ewen and Richard Laing, the Review describes why insulin is still unattainable for approximately half of all people who need it.

HAI Launches Innovative Global Study to Improve Access to Insulin

by MARG EWEN, Global Pricing Co-ordinator and ACCISS Study Co-investigator

The global need for insulin, a hormone that converts sugar, starches and other food into needed energy for everyday activities, is immense. An estimated 100 million people with diabetes need it. This includes all with type 1 diabetes, plus 20 to 30 per cent of people with type 2 diabetes.