Marg Ewen, PhD, DipPharm
Global Pricing Coordinator

In addition to being a pharmacist, Marg is an internationally-recognised expert in medicine pricing issues. Together with the World Health Organization, she developed a methodology to measure medicine prices, availability, affordability and price components. Since its publication, she has lead or provided expertise to over 100 of these surveys around the world. She has also provided pricing policy advice to numerous national governments.

Currently, Marg is developing a unique methodology to measure and compare the prices of locally produced and imported medicines; however, her interests also lie in pharmaceutical promotion. In 2002/3, she led a successful campaign in Europe against the introduction of direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription medicines.

Marg is published in a number of peer-reviewed journals, including The Lancet. In 2016, She was awarded a PhD at the Vrije University in Amsterdam. Prior to joining Health Action International in 2000, Marg was a senior advisor at the Medicines Regulatory Authority (Medsafe) in her home country of New Zealand.