The Need for Global Action to Reduce Snakebite Death And Disability

Policy Brief | 21 May 2019 | Download PDF

Health Action International (HAI) encourages Member States to support the WHO snakebite roadmap because it:

1. Supports countries in turning commitments made in the WHA resolution on snakebite into
action. It provides clear guidance on how to effectively prevent and control the disease to
significantly reduce national and global death and disability.

2. Coordinates action between the WHO, Member States and the international community, linked with current work streams, to effectively control snakebite envenoming and mobilises action at national, regional and global levels.

3. Acts as a catalyst for global health donors to allocate resources to all elements of the WHO’s snakebite roadmap and to programmes—including those for civil society—to scale up snakebite envenoming research, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

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